So you already own a home and you’re wanting to move, you have been down the mortgage path so you know how this all pans out.

I run a successful mortgage brokerage and we do this all day every day rather than once every 5 years.

We know what the banks are going to say, we know how to navigate around self employed income and any other variables you may have.

How about taking specialist advice at no cost around which bank is ideal depending on your financial position (don’t get caught out thinking all the banks are the same, seriously they’re not.)

The Process

The process is simple and easy.


I will help you to calculate your projected equity so we know what you are working with.


Apply to the most suitable bank and have you pre-approved to purchase based on selling your home.


Arrange the deposit funds for when you purchase your new home.


Structure your mortgage as cleverly as possible so you can affordably pay the mortgage down as fast as possible.  


Make sure the money turns up on Settlement day.


Help you manage your mortgage for years to come (re-fixes, restructures, refinancing).

If this all sounds good to you, give me a call and get the process started.  


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We are here to help.