There ain’t nothing sexy about mortgages, Buying your first home definitely is!

“The best bank for you as a first home buyer is the one that says yes, not necessarily the bank you are currently with”.
Let me help you navigate through the process and we can all high five once you have purchased your first home.

As a first home buyer there are so many unknowns however they are not unknown to me and my team.
As I work with all the banks in NZ I know each of the banks policies so can make sure that the bank we approach on your behalf is going to be the best bank to get the deal done..

purchase your first home

Are you eligible for Kiwisaver?
Are you eligible for the First Home Buyers Grant?
Do you need 20% deposit (Hell no)
Do you have a family member that can Guarantee your mortgage? See videos page to understand this more or even better, call me
When purchasing do you know the process and how to complete the purchase? I do and will help you make the right decisions and the process.

The Process


Meet with Ryan to understand your position and budget (Free of charge).


We will then look to pre approve your mortgage.


Get out in the market and understand what properties are selling for what money.


Once we have pre approval its shopping time.


Place an offer on a home or get prepared for an auction.


Go unconditional on the property.


Structure the mortgage. (This is where we break the mortgage into targets for you to pay off)


MOVE IN DAY – Celebration time!!!

If this all sounds good to you, give me a call and get the process started.  


Contact us

We are here to help.