So you have been with your current bank and they’re either unresponsive or not looking after you in the manner that you deserve?

Ready for change

Well there’s a few banks in NZ and in my experience there’s always a good home for your mortgage depending on what you’re wanting to achieve.

Your mortgage is generally the largest financial commitment you will have in your life so why not shop around.

Potential cash back?

The markets best rates are what you deserve and remember that the banks will pay you a pretty decent sum to entice you over to them.
This sum is typically .7% – .8% of your loan balance or (total mortgage x .008).

Each bank has their own options of how to structure your mortgage and you may not have the best structure to allow you to pay off that pesky mortgage as fast as possible with the least amount of pain or financial pressure.


For more than two decades we’ve been helping New Zealanders find the right loan from the largest panel of New Zealand’s leading banks and lenders.


Government Grants and KiwiSaver

Finding the right Home Loan

Family Equity Loans


The purchasing process

Low Deposit Loans

The Process


Meet to go over your statement of financial position.


Team Ryan to analyse your information and submit your application to the most suitable bank.


4-7 business days till we have a pre approval from a new bank.


Structure your mortgage with some clever strategy.


You to meet with your lawyer to sign mortgage documents.


Settle the refinance on your chosen date.


Reap the rewards of a smart financial move!!!

If this all sounds good to you, give me a call and get the process started.  


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